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Will MS Office 2010 be better than MS Office 2007?

Monday, 23. August 2010

Months ago, MS Office 2010 was cocoon-break and won the favor of most MS Office users. On one hand, it demonstrates that Microsoft has stepped into a new epoch in office-software; on the other hand, as senior management of MS claimed, MS Office2010 is built for the convenience of Office users. So, will MS Office 2010 take over MS Office 2007, being the mainstream of office-soft? Like Windows 7 replaces Windows Vista and turns into No.2 OS?

Indeed, MS Office 2010 did not let her consumers down with distinctive and creative design.

To sum up, these laid-out MS Office 2010 catch our buyers’ eyes.

  • Bran-new teamwork toolkit brings enterprise stronger.   OneNote and SharePoint Workspace added in MS Office 2010, enable enterprise employees to work or preview together in same document.
  • Updated navigation and search panel simplify the document facture.
  • Advanced E-mail management technique to manage mail box
  • New version of Office Web App can be used as an online-edition of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.

For these reasons, is MS Office 2010 a perfect office-software?

Absolutely not! Every case has two coins, so does MS Office 2010. Disadvantages of MS Office 2010 are as follow:

  • ActiveX controls and COM Add-ins—both written for 32-bit Office will not work in a 32-bit Office process.
  • Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) — VBA code will be different in 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
  • Office Graphics—-some controls are not available in 64-bit Office 2010 in Excel 2010.

As a controversial shareware, intense debates on MS Office 2010 are processing and will go on. No one can boast without shame that MS Office 2010 is favorable or troublesome.

As it is known, by now, MS Office 2007 is still a leader and dominates the MS Office market. Most of Office users prefer to take MS Office first. MS Office 2010 beating against MS Office 2007 and being the winner seems like an uneasy thing. Accordingly, any MS Office 2007 software is still symbian, like MS Office 2007  password recovery tools.

PS:      A latest news leaked that Microsoft is devoting themselves to developing a new MS Office edition, MS Office 15 (MS office 2010 also called Office 14). Are you looking forward to it?  Guess, what will happen after release of MS Office 15?

(A shortcut of new edition MS Office 15

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