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What to Do If you Forgot Office 2007 Password?

Friday, 11. November 2011

If you have the habit of password protecting your files in Office 2007, you probably may be troubled this problem: What to do if I forgot Office 2007 password. It’s easy for you to set a strong password, but it also easy to get it forgotten. If you are not good at remembering various passwords, it’s better to set a password that is easy for you to remember but hard for others to guess. If you forgot Office 2007 password, the following information will be what you are looking for.

Recover Office 2007 password with Office Password Unlcoker

If you forgot Office 2007 password, the only method is to pick up a good Office password recovery application, like Office Password Unlocker. Office Password Unlocker can help you recover lost password from a variety of MS Office files, including Word Document (*.doc, *.docx), Excel Worksheets (*.xls,*.xlsx), PowerPoint Presentation (*.pptx) and Access Database (*.accdb). Incorporating advanced and unique techniques, this reliable application enables you to enjoy easy, safe and fast Office password recovery with 3 efficient recovery attacks: Brute-force attack, Brute-force with Mask attack and Dictionary attack.

Brute-force Attack - Try all possible password combinations to retrieve MS Office password.

Brute-force Attack with Mask - Specify the forgotten password length, character set and other characteristics to reduce the recovery time. (Highly Recommended)

Dictionary Attack - Recover lost Office password by trying the password combinations in the built-in dictionary or a self-created dictionary

How to use Office Password Unlocker?

1.       Download and install Office Password Unlocker.

2.       Click Open to import the Office file you want to open

3.       Choose an attack type to recover lost MS Office password and make settings

There are three attack types in our program for you to recover your password. They are Brute-force attack, Brute-force with Mask attack and Dictionary attack.

4.       Click Start button on the taskbar to recover the lost password, then you will get your lost password.

How long it will take to get back your password?

To be honest, no one can tell you how long it will take to recover a forgotten password. It may take you a few minutes while it may cost you several days. The time to recover a forgotten Office password is closely with the password recovery speed of the utility you select, your forgotten password length and complexity, your computer performance.

By using advanced search algorithm, multiple-core CPUs etc, Office Password Unlocker enables you enjoy faster recovery speed than other similar programs.

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