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WinRAR Encryption Tricks Offer for Your RAR/Winrar Password Issues

Friday, 30. December 2011

Probelm: I downloaded this rar file and apparently it is password protected , is there any possible way to extract it ?

Before going to recover RAR  password, you need to learn something important avout WinRAR encryption. There are provided 3 kinds of  tricks about this issue.

Trick one: A strong password

You may know that, WinRAR password recovery tools can recover all rar passwords theoretically, but in fact, as a strong password require a very long password recovery time (months or years), you still can protect your rar file securely with strong password.

A strong password should have at least eight characters that consists of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols (@, #, $, %, etc.). It should not only include the common letters and symbols on the keyboard, but also have seldom used ones. Strong passwords also do not contain words that can be found in a dictionary or parts of the file name. Read more