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How to change Windows 8 user account type?

Thursday, 24. January 2013

As you know there’re 3 kinds of Windows user types, including administrator, standard and guest. Sometimes you might need to change a standard user to administrator for software download, installation or more. Sometimes you might want to change administrator to standard user. Here’s a simple guide on how to change Windows 8 user account type.

Step 1. Sign in Windows 8 as administrator
Step 2. Open the Search charm, and type “user accounts” in the search box, and then select User Accounts in the search results.
Step 3. Click Manage another account link.
change Windows 8 account type
Step 4. Select the user account that you’d like to change the account type for.
Step 5. Click Change the account type link.
change Windows 8 account type
Step 6. Select either the Standard or Administrator as the new account type for the selected user account, and click Change Account Type button.
change Windows 8 account type

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