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How to Reset Your Lost Computer Password?

Thursday, 30. June 2011

Believe it or not, many Windows 7 computer users often forgot their computer passwords, including Windows 7 login password and BIOS password. So we should not master how to password protect our computer data, but also learn how to reset a lost computer password.  If you forgot Windows 7 login password or its BIOS password, try to reset it by following the tips listed below.

Forgot Windows 7 login password
Tip 1. Lost Windows 7 password, you can try to recall it by using the clues provided by a password hint.
Tip 2. The easiest way to reset a lost Windows 7 login password is to use the password reset disk on the condition that you can create the disk before your login password is forgotten.
Tip 3. If there is another administrator account password is accessible, you are lucky enough to reset the lost password of the user account after logging in computer with that administrator.
Tip 4. Reinstalling Windows is often regarded as the last choice for Windows password recovery. You can adopt if there are nothing important stored on your computer.
Tip 5. Windows Password Unlocker is the most recommended and effective method adopted by lost Windows 7 password users. Read more

How to Add Password Protection to Your Windows 7?

Wednesday, 29. June 2011

Today the increasing incidents concerning data breaches arouse people’s attention on data security. For a Windows 7 computer user, adding password protection can go a long way in protecting your computer based on firewall and antivirus program installation. With respect to computer password protection, you can not only add a Windows login password but also a BIOS password.

Create Windows 7 Login Password

Creating a strong password for your Windows 7 user account is one of the simplest ways to protect your files and other personal data is. It can not only protect against hackers, but even keep out a curious child who may innocently change settings or even delete files. Read more

Forgot Administrator Password in Windows Vista?

Tuesday, 28. June 2011

Problem: Forgot administrator password in Windows Vista?
I must have messed something up because now I can’t sign the administrator account with the right password. I changed the administrator password last night. But I’m sure that I log on to the administrator account with what I changed to. It said that it is incorrect password.  And it said no drive when i try to rest it by clicking the Reset Password link under the password box. Can someone walk me through how to recover or reset the forgotten Windows administrator password? It’s a windows vista home premuim dell computer.

Things you need to understand before Windows password recovery: Read more

Windows 7 Accounts for 20% of Business PC Users

Monday, 27. June 2011

By the end of March 2011, Windows 7 was powering 20.9 percent of corporate PCs around the word, according to a new Research report from Forrester after surveying more than 400,000 client PCs from 2500 different companies by the firm. It was more than twice the 9.5 percent use measured by Forrester in April 2010.

Even so, the 10-year-old Windows XP operating system still dominates the corporate desktop market at present. The data from the Forrester research report shows that Windows XP continues to account for 60% of corporate desktops.  But its use decreased from 67.5 percent in April 2010 to 59.9 percent in March 2011. Read more

What to Do If You Forgot Windows 8/7/Vista/XP Password?

Friday, 24. June 2011

Today the problem concerning forgetting Windows password is on the rise. But luckily, to reset a lost Windows password is not as difficult as people think, even the lost Windows password users master few computer skills. Here will discuss what to do if you forgot Windows 8 password or other popular Windows 7/XP/Vista password.

Forgot Windows XP Password
When it comes to reset forgotten Windows XP password, the most used method is to use its built-in administrator account, which is enabled and not password-protected by default. If you belong to those who stick to Windows XP, you can press Ctrl+Alt+Del twice on the logon screen to pop up the classic Windows logon screen. Then enter administrator in the username box and leave the password box blank, press Enter to get back in computer. Of course, this method is available provided that you never add a password to built-in administrator.

Besides, you can use the built-in tools in Windows XP to create a password reset disk before the password is forgotten. If you forget to do it, third-party software like Windows Password Unlocker will prove to be helpful, which can help you create a bootable password reset CD/DVD or USB flash drive to reset lost Windows XP password to blank.

Forgot Windows Vista/7 Password
Unlike Windows XP, the built-in administrator is disabled by default in Windows 7/Vista. As for a lost Windows 7/Vista password, PC users are often highly recommended to use another accessible administrator account or a password reset disk created through the Windows built-in function. But most lost Windows 7/Vista password users prefer to use Windows Password Unlocker to remove its lost Windows password. With this Windows password recovery tool, a lost Windows password can be easily remove in a matter of minutes with a few clicks. And if you enable fingerprint logon, you can log on to your PC by it instead of the password consisting of letters, symbols and numbers.

Forgot Windows 8 Password

Undoubtedly, Windows 8 is the hottest topic among PC users. Though it will be launched in next year according to Microsoft CEO, there are many rumors and expectations about it. Do you expect it and will you switch to Windows 8 after its release? Well, if you easy to forget Windows password, you may can use facial logon to get back in your Windows 8 if you forgot Windows 8 password. Moreover, I believe that many Windows Password recovery tools will update for Windows 8 password recovery.

What Can Safe Mode Do for You?

Thursday, 23. June 2011

Safe Mode is a troubleshooting option for Windows that starts your computer in a limited state. By running your computer in safe mode, non-essential processes do not start and non-core components are disabled and you can fix many computer errors. Here will show you how to reset  Windows password, delete stubborn files and get rid of virtues.

Reset lost Windows Password
Bypassing a lost Windows password is not as difficult as you think. Forgot Windows password? Start your computer, press F8 to enter safe mode to reset it. Once you are in safe mode, you can follow the steps listed below to reset the lost Windows password: Read more

How to Set BIOS to Boot from CD/DVD in Dell Computer?

Wednesday, 22. June 2011

When you forgot dell password, it’s highly suggested that you should try Windows Password Unlocker Standard to reset the lost Windows password. This easy yet powerful Windows password reset tool allow you to burn a bootable Windows password reset CD /DVD to remove forgotten Windows password in 4 simple steps as follows:

Step 1. Download and install Windows Password Unloker Standard in a computer that you can run as administrator.
Step 2. Create a bootable Windows password reset CD/DVD within a simple click.
Step 3. Set BIOS to boot from CD/DVD in your locked Dell computer.
Step 4. Reset Windows password under WinPE. Read more

How to Access Bios on Most Computers?

Tuesday, 21. June 2011

If you are a lost Windows password user, you’ll be required to enter BIOs and change BIOS to boot from CD if you intend to create a bootable Windows password reset CD/DVD via Windows Password Unlocker Standard to reset forgotten Windows 7 password.

If you not a computer systems professional or have never had to do so, this will be a difficult task for you. But don’t feel impressed, here’s to show you how to access BIOS on most computers.

1. Close your computer or laptop. The bios screens can only be accessed before the system boots up.

2.  Wait for a seconds, and then power on your computer. Make sure to be ready to press the right key to enter BIOS setup before Windows begins to load.

3. Many computers will display a short message that “Press … to enter Setup” or similar at boot up showing how the right key to be pressed to enter BIOS setup. When you see the message, press the key immediately and you’ll access bios mode. Read more

How Can I Get into My Laptop when I Forgot Windows Password?

Monday, 20. June 2011

“Today I changed my password on my Windows 7 laptop. Then I got off. I wanted to get back on that then: MY PASSWORD DOESN’T WORK! I tried every password I ever had. Then I looked it up, and it said I have to reinstall windows 7. Is there any way to reset the lost Windows 7 password without formatting hard disk? There are many precious pictures stored on my PC, so I don’t want to reinstall Windows.”  Jack said in Yahoo Answer.

Well, there are various methods for a lost Windows password user to when he forgot Windows 7 password. The most well-known ways are to reset the lost Windows 7 password by using another administrator or a password reset disk as suggested by Microsoft, though these 2 methods don’t work for you under most circumstances.

So far, I think that the most effective way to bypass  Windows 7 password is to use a windows password recovery tool like Windows Password Unlocker, which allows you to regain instant access to your locked computer in an easy, safe and fast way. Read more

Lost Windows 7 Password, What to Do Now?

Friday, 17. June 2011

I like the Windows 7 security feature that allows me to create a strong password to protect my personal information from prying eyes. What I don’t like is when the OS refuses me to log in as I fail to remember the password, which is what happened to my friend – David:

“ I’ve had my Windows 7 laptop for about half of a year and just decided to put a password on my only  admin user account a few days ago, but now cannot remember what I chose.  I search online and find a solution d that I could go into my Admin account through safe mode and reset my lost Windows 7 password. But it required me to enter a password when I tried to go safe mode.

I know that I also can reset the admin password with another administrator account or a password reset disk as suggested by Microsoft. The problem is that the only accessible account left is a standard user account. As for a password reset disk, I have no idea where I can get such a disk. Read more