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How to Create and remove PDF Password

Wednesday, 31. March 2010

Many people complain that sometimes they can’t handle with their PDF files such as copy, edit, print and even read as they didn’t have or forgot PDF password. Actually, there are two types of PDF password, owner password and user password. The former can protect the PDF password from editing, copying and printing; and the latter is only used for opening the PDF files. This paper is going to tell you how to create and remove PDF password with owner password.

1. What is PDF owner password?

2. Why to add owner password?

3. How to add owner password?

4.How to remove PDF password? (owner password and user password)

1. What is PDF owner password?

PDF owner password the most common safequard for PDF files nowadays. You can open a PDF document without request for entering a password. If the PDF Document is encrypted, access permissions can be changed only if the document is opened with the owner password.

2. Why to add owner password?

Suppose you are an Ebook publisher, Ebooks displayed on the website is just for user viewing. Only after payment, the opening password is sent to them. But you still own the copyright and reserve the privileged password in case of plagiarism of the text and graphics.

3. How to add owner password?

If you have Adobe Acrobat, you can create an owner password easily. There are some steps as follow:

Step 1: Click Secure button in the Tasks toolbar->select Encrypt password.
Step 2: Click Yes to password-protect
Step 3: Click the checkbox Require a password to open the document-> type a password->click OK.
Step 4: Retype the previous password. After that, you have successfully created an owner password for PDF document protected.

Of course, you can set the permission password, and specify the allowance of printing and changing about pages. For example, others are permitted to print your PDF file with lower restriction. Except chargeable Adobe Acrobat, other third- party software is available for you to create owner password too.

4. How to remove PDF password? (Owner password and User password)?

On some occasions you have to remove PDF password due to forgetting or losing PDF password. Maybe you are the owner who set PDF file password and forgot it after long time. Or you are badly in need of the encrypted PDF file immediately that was downloaded from the internet. What could you do with the locked PDF password? Here commends an easy way to retrieve PDF password by using a PDF Password Remover.A turorial is offered to tell you how to recover PDF password.

Step 1: Click open and choose the encrypted PDF file
Step 2: Select one of the attack to remove PDF password
Step 3: Attack settings
Step 4: click Start on the taskbar, the process is displayed.

With PDF Password Remover, you can remove the security settings from your PDF files quickly and efficiently. It not only definitely deserves your money for its inexpensive cost, but saves your precious time greatly.

NOTE: For security protected PDFs. You will need to obtain permission for access. Generally, it is not difficult if you’re planning on using this for research. Do not apply these methods to illegal use or plagiarism.

How to unlock or remove a PDF password?

Tuesday, 30. March 2010

To ensure the documents safety users often decrypt their PDF files with a PDF password. User password is to restrict others opening the PDF file. And owner password used for guard against printing, editing or copying protected PDF file. Someone may say that it’s better than never.
But there always can be situations in which you need to find the way to remove PDF password, when you forgot or lost it by accident.

Just imagine what would happen if you have lost a password on your PDF file which you need urgently. Of course, you can try to pack it up once again. Undoubtedly, what a huge and time-consuming project ! No one would like to do such a silly thing. In such a case, a PDF password recovery tool will be much in use which not only save your time and energy, but preserve all the data in security.

There are three kinds of attacks supported to remove PDF password which depend on you.

1. Brute-force attack is always in utility provided that you haven’t any impression on your lost PDF password. it will try all possible combinations to recover lost PDF password.

2. Brute-force attack with mask comes in handy usually when you have still remembered some symbols or length of the forgotten password. It’s the best way to find the short password. Furthermore, it will cost you less time to recover PDF password by restricting the search area.

3. Dictionary attack, a PDF password recovery attack, recovers PDF password according to its default dictionary of the program. Meanwhile, create your own dictionary with meaningful and particular characters to the program to lessen PDF password recovery time.

So, next time when you met with the similar trouble, ask PDF Password Recovery for help.

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